A Little Vagabond – Our New Fiction Magazine – Coming November 24th

Welcome to Vagabond. Jim and I are going to give you the very best speculative fiction magazine on the market. We promise to find the very best writers in the business to write the very best stories to entertain the pants off of you. Okay, that’s the promise.

Now here’s probably what happened, but be warned I’m a fiction writer so I might take some liberties. I will try to cut the boring bits and embellish the exciting moments of the founding of our exciting new zine. Also, I seem to remember it as a play. I’m not normally a playwright, and I don’t think this production will ever be produced on Broadway, but hey, stranger things have happened. I don’t know, maybe the founding of Vagabond will become a television show on some obscure cable television network.

Setting: In a brew-pub located in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado.

Time: It’s the early 21st century. Two friends sit across from each other waiting for their beers to arrive.

Chuck (early 50s…retired teacher…now he’s a leaf in the wind): Jim, we should start a magazine (I told you this was exciting). What do you think?

Jim (distinguished older gentleman…former civil engineer…now a rogue and a man about town): Where is our beer? All I wanted was a porter. The bartender did say they had a British porter, but I wasn’t expecting him to fly to London to find it.

Chuck: Jim, you’re not listening. We know so many talented writers. I think we can produce one of the best science fiction magazines out there. We can really make something special. What issues do you think we should start with? Maybe we could have a space opera? Or maybe a dinosaur issue.

Jim: Our last anthology was dinosaurs. Don’t you remember? It was Jurassic Park on steroids. Maybe we could do something else? I like the end of the world idea, and if I don’t get my beer soon, I think my world is going to end. (He looks around.) Oh, I see the problem. The bartender is flirting with the waitress.

Chuck: He sure is…he’s forgotten about us. She’s cute. I can see why he’s distracted.

Jim: My beer is only a dream. 

Chuck: Wouldn’t you say it’s a…‘Fairytale?’ That’s what the first edition of Vagabond will be, a fairytale edition. But what should we do for the second edition?

Jim: There’s a beer apocalypse going on in here. Why did we pick this place?

Chuck: I think that will be our second edition. An apocalypse edition. Good thinking.

Jim: Sure, Chuck. That sounds great, but maybe next time we could meet someplace else.VAGABOND 001