Tip #29 Loss the Speech Tags – ‘He Said/She Said’

These tags are invisible to the reader. For most of the time a reader’s eye will just skip over them. If the reader doesn’t notice them then don’t put them into your story because they will just add to the word count.  

I was going to place on here from classic literature, but I discovered how few of them were used by great authors. Go to Project Gutenberg.

See for yourself. Maybe we use too many he said/ she said nowadays.

He said, “Hand me the rifle.”

She said, “No, today is the day I’ll get my revenge.”

He said, “He killed my brother.”

She said, “But I get to shoot him first because I’m married to the snake.”

He said, “You win.”

Here’s a good article about speech tags from Grammar Girl:  

Author: Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an art-student, runner, publisher, and writer who lives in Colorado. https://madcow.press

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