Tip #27 Here’s another Warmup for Flash Fiction: Take One Person from Before and Write a 50 Words Biography, a 5 word bio, and 1 Word bio About Them

Okay, here’s my attempt at this exercise. I hope your own will turns out better than mine.

-Take same person write a 50 word biography about them. (I’m at a coffee shop in downtown Denver, and pick the closest person to me.) Exactly 50 words. Not much story, but I wrote in 3 minutes and maybe it will lead to something else later on.

He’s waiting for something. Maybe he’s waiting for a class to start because he’s young and we are across from a college campus. It’s 8 am so the early section has already started. He’s waiting for a later class. It’s time. He checks his phone and leaves. Time for school.

-Take same person write a 5 word biography about them.  This took a couple of tries

First sentence:

He left me with no else in view.

Getting it to 5 words.

Alone, no one in view.

-Take same person write a 1 word biography about them. It’s sad. The young man entered my story and left me on my own.


To be honest I thought about including a 500 word biography in this tip section, but let’s face it I’m a flash fiction writer and the idea of writing 500 words seems like writing a novel to me. 

I liked doing this exercise. It’s a harmless exercise to do in a coffee shop. Now, back to my hot chocolate, and I have a few more ideas for a new story.

Author: Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an art-student, runner, publisher, and writer who lives in Colorado. https://madcow.press

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