Tip #26 Writers Exercise for Writing Flash Fiction

Here is a writing exercises to help jump starts a flash fiction story.

Pick 10 People Write a One Sentence Description of Them 

For this exercise I’m at Starbucks. It’s a new location for me, and the national coffee shop chain has just open across from the hospital. Outside there’s a line of cars waiting for their beverages. Here are some people who are inside the store. Maybe one of these people will be a lead to a story?

Lady #1: Sits and eats a muffin, and she left her purse behind when she went to the counter.

Lady #2: Heavier lady, she orders here drink and sit to look at everyone in the store, she gets up to before drink is ready, and she she corrects the employee twice about her drink order.

Man #1: Is waiting for a a cookie to get warmed, and while he waits he dances to the music he hears.

Man #2 Is waiting by the street window. He’s here for the free wifi- he looks like a doctor or someone else with medical training…very focused on his screen.

Lady #3 and Lady #4 Two old friends who meet occasionally, but decided to come hear because its new, and each have pictures on their phones to show each other…maybe grandchildren.

Lady #5 She is wearing her workout cloth, and she has ordered ahead with the app on her phone…very fast appearance.

Man #3: Is a medical student, and he waits next to two other female students. He wears the mandatory blue dress shirt of all students, but he doesn’t order a beverage because he has brought his own water bottle.

Hopefully, you get the idea. A flash fiction writer is someone who observes those around them. Maybe I can write a story about the two grandmothers. Maybe one of them accidentally show her friend the wrong picture on her phone. Or can write about the woman who has finished her workout and starts her day. Maybe her timeline doesn’t go according to her plans. There are so many people and so many stories to tell. I just wished I had time to write all of them.

Here are two ideas or story starters…maybe your observation will be better than mine?

Two grandmothers are talking to each other about their grandchildren…the grandmother shows a picture she never attend for her friend to see. What secrets do you hold for a lifetime? 

-Two people are sitting with laptops facing each other in a coffee. Why aren’t they speaking to each other? A fight? Or something else?

Author: Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an art-student, runner, publisher, and writer who lives in Colorado. https://madcow.press

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