Tip #15 Write 30 Stories in 30 Day

I delayed this book to take this challenge. I decided I was going to write 30 stories and 30 days. I did this challenge in September 2018. It was Dean Wesley Smith who might have been the first to do it, and he wrote 30 stories in his own challenge, but he also wrote the blurbs and designed a cover for each of them. 

Here are his stats:

My results. Not as impressive as his, but I did get one story out of it right away and sold it to Blaze Ward’s Boundary Shock Quarterly (a great publication).

You can find Boundary Shock here:

Okay, I am sure I will go through the other 29 stories in a few months and see what I got. I am sure I’ll like a few and hate the rest, but hopefully, I can come up with another collection of stories. Only time will tell the results of this challenge, and maybe I will try it again next September. 

Are you going to give it a try? It was fun for me, and I’m sure it will be the same for you. I look forward to trying it again someday.

Author: Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an art-student, runner, publisher, and writer who lives in Colorado. https://madcow.press

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