Tip #10 Eliminate Non-Essential Words

These words need to go! The tighter the story. The better the story. Eliminate words. I mean it. Now!

From this article: 

8 Words to Seek and Destroyhttps://litreactor.com/columns/8-words-to-seek-and-destroy-in-your-writing 



In order to

Very and Really





Get rid of these words! They take up too much space, and your story will be better without them.

If you need even more words to eliminate, please read this article:

43 Words You Should Cut From Your Writing Immediately.’ https://dianaurban.com/words-you-should-cut-from-your-writing-immediately

Author: Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an art-student, runner, publisher, and writer who lives in Colorado. https://madcow.press

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