It’s a Wonderful Life – As a Retired Teacher

It’s a Wonderful Life


How many of you, former teachers, paid for a student’s school lunch? I am guessing 99.99% of you.
   How many of you chipped in extra money for a field trip? Many of you.
   How many drove a student home? How many paid for holiday gifts for a student’s family in need? A Thanksgiving meal? How many pencils did you give away over the years? Enough to save an Amazonian rainforest?
   How many helped with homework after school for a struggling student even after you wanted to go home? How many of you helped with homework assigned from another teacher’s class? How many of you struggled to help out with ‘New Math?’
   How many times did you listen to your student’s problems every day? Usually the same student.
   How many of you celebrated your student’s successes?
   How many of you were overjoyed when the student you thought would never graduate, but they graduated?
   How many of you taught a former student’s child? Their grandchild? 
   How many of you wouldn’t trade any of your memories because…It’s a Wonderful Life?
   I also heard there’s a terrific movie starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

It's a Wonderful

Author: Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an art-student, runner, publisher, and writer who lives in Colorado.

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