Free Books! from Mad Cow Press

Free Books! from Mad Cow Press and Jim LeMay     11/18/18


 From November 18 (today) through December 2, 2018, Prolific Works is giving away my short story “A Princess of Bars: A John Carter of Mars Parody,” for free. You can get it by clicking here.

What if Captain John Carter, for the sake of self-aggrandizement, lied to Mr. Edgar Rice Burroughs about his trips to Barsoom? What if Dejah, instead of descending from a lineage of “ten thousand jeddaks” (emperors) as Carter claimed, had begun life as an orphaned street urchin? And what if she preferred a giant, four-armed green man to him? Maybe the Martians looked upon Jack Carter with less favor than he claimed, some indeed with open contempt. Read Dejah’s assessment of Captain Carter in this action-packed short story, “A Princess of Bars.”

 And you still have time to get a free copy of “Jack in the Warren.” Prolific Works is making it available free through December 25, 2018. You can get free it here.

Tin Cup Jim LeMay 2

In the decadent city of Nelefer the little orphan boy Jack dwells in the notorious slum called The Warren. He will grow up to become the myster-ious thief and trickster called the Shadow who lives by his wits and by deftly straddling the law. This tale takes place early in his childhood.

The tale is taken from my novel Shadow Jack but stands on its own as a short story.

But Wait! There’s More!



 “Have Jetpack – Will Travel,” a short story by Chuck Anderson and Jim LeMay, is available for free on Book Funnel. Download it for free here. But hurry; the offer only lasts 4 more days!

Jet along with Daring Dorian Pace. He pursues Nazi spies in a thrilling chase across pre-World War II San Francisco. His friend and mentor, Roland “Shotgun” Knight, has tasked him with rescuing a prisoner from Alcatraz, a German citizen mistakenly incarcerated. But all is not as it seems. The prisoner, Noah Weinreich, and his beautiful sister Constanze are actually Nazi spies. Dorian chases Weinreich through the streets of San Francisco and into the skies. There he finds Constanze, adroitly maneuvering her own jetpack, waiting to kill him.

Thank you,    ~ Jim LeMay and Mad Cow Press

Author: Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an art-student, runner, publisher, and writer who lives in Colorado.

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